Deviant Arts; Pearl Eden



Pearl Edens art screams the realm of fantasy into the hearts and minds of those who take a first glance. Her innovative characters have been seen throughout those common to visit, and now her art speaks at a whole other level. Having been a part of the Deviant Art community and learning other medias of art is most likely the cause of rapid change in the work she presents now. For more than three years I have watched this artist advance in her skills and show off the beautiful works of art to the people who admire her talent. Therefore, this blog will be about the talented Deviant Art artist; Pearl Eden.

Indeed, when one first witnesses an image created by Pearl Eden, that person is sure to question, “How did she do that!?” Hard work, and practice is the most logical answer, and to show it there are memorable pieces I believe to stand out more than other works created thus far. Such master pieces would be; “Encountering the Shadow Runes”, “The Journey”, and “The Alive Forest”, as well as “Coppermine”. Each one of the backgrounds are beneficial in making each character reflect their surroundings, as well as imagining stories in each world. In each image come a certain theme which tend to be; dark to light, lightness, or a mixture of both dark and light.


Its possible to see the darkness to light theme in “Coppermine” with the wolf comming from the pillars of vanitas, and into the warm colors of light.


“The Alive Forest” displays a world full of light with the sun coming from the right, and light leafy green leaves on rustling trees, that compliment the golden sky.


“Encountering the Shadow Runes”, is another example of of a warm color scheme with a bright theme, even though the title is meant to be dark. Using the color of the white paper and adding tints for shadowing bring this piece to life, including the many uses of the read repeating itself in the foreground and background.


The only piece listed that appears to have a mixture of the dark and light theme , is “The Journey”. You can feel a presence of mystery, with clouds low to the ground shrouding the path ahead to a realm of light as the creature Xolotian stands in the shadows.

Besides the images with backgrounds and their fancy color schemes, Pearl Eden does a wonderful job of making concepts for each of her pieces. You can see that even though many pieces are not placed together on the same page, the story being told travels and connects in time. The pieces “The LightBringers”, and “Darkness Bringers” are an excellent example of concepts placed together but remain separated by paper.



Like all artist, theres always room for improvement, and in Pearl Edens case it lies in designing a concept and background. Many of her themes, and concepts cause her scenery to favor ones shes already created causing numerous amounts of her work not to speak individually.



“Escaped From the Pursuit”, and “Mirror of Earth” both feature a wolf of some type placed ontop of a cliff, and allowing the viewer to see the sky and possibly what lies ahead of that.



“Sky Judges Arkane”, and “The Earth World” also tend to share similarities among one another, with something occupying the background such as nature or buildings. As well as something occupying the foreground such as the wolves peering off in a certain direction. This repetition of concepts, tend to make the art a little less interesting and sometimes just boring, however I’m sure everything will improve in time. With no doubt Pearl Eden will continue to shape her art differently throughout the course of her artist life. Her rapid change, and ability to adapt in a new style make her one of the many remarkable artist on Deviant Art.


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