Deviant Arts: Hontor




For this entry I decided to step out of the traditional pencil and paper art, and go to something that still maintained a traditional taste but in a different form. Deviant Arts Russian artist “Hontor,”gives the viewer or even the consumer the ability to apply the sense of touch, because good majorities of her works are sculptures of different material. Although her main focus is on her 3D works, she also creates drawings in her spare time, or to benefit her next ideas. Just by observing the work of each sculpture, one can see that her ideas don’t stand alone animal and nature are carved into the mold of each piece as well as manipulated parts of the fur, animal type, or environment around the object. Although her work is very professional, the animal theme can become normal and not so innovative, adding human sculptures could widen the range of possibilities and make her a truly well rounded artist.


“Flowers King” is a good example of using an animal, or objects and mix it with the environment. This one doesn’t really contain any distinct carvings or markings that make it attached to its surrounding, but it does involve the use of Mother Nature’s common elements. In this piece the idea of beauty dwelling in life’s simple pleasures such as sleep, can be considered something peaceful like flowers. The blossoms in the picture come from the sleeping Flower King, combining nature and the main component of the sculpture, thus relating to the title “Flowers King”.


“Siamese Brothers” consist of both a Siamese cat and a Siamese rat located on the cats left shoulder. The location of the rat plastered on the cat doesn’t really support the piece because the colors blend very well, not to mention the rats fur and eye is exactly like the cats proving the concept of brotherhood. Aside from the obvious facts, the most interesting part about “Siamese Brothers” is that the cat resembles that of a Chinese dragon, parts that resemble its native brother are the fan like tail, blue and gray fur, as well as the divine wind carvings on its body. “Siamese Brothers is a lovely piece to refer to when showing a distortion of the body to create something that’s one of a kind.


Other works of Hontors, are as stated before paintings, computer art, mosaics, dragon sculptures, and just mother nature based pieces. Ermine Dragon Sky is one of Hontors many Dragon pieces that I find better than the rest, even though it resembles that chinese dragon body like in “Siamese Brothers”.


“Stellar Horse is a mosaic based piece of various colors like a rainbow including similar marks that are in Hontors sculptures, there are many other mosaic by her but this one does stand out compared to the others.


“Slug Forest Spirit” is just Mother Nature at its finest moments, like the grandmother turtle carrying the world or island on its back, the Forest Spirit imitates exactly that in a unique way.


Lastly, one of her painting featured is “Thoughts of the Past” which displays Hontors ability to use different techniques, as well as keeping her themes in check with Mother Nature and the supernatural.
Unfortunately, the fact is that even when creating either side of art she still manages to not incorporated humans, my opinion is that if she were to include both creatures that it would benefit her in creating a well-rounded artist in both hand drawn and sculpting. She still remains a part of Deviant Arts community, and a wonderful sculpture in Russia.



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