Coffee a.k.a Latte Art



I thought this entry would be a little more exciting as it moves away from paper art, and 3 dimensional art and into food art. More specifically Coffee Art, which is both mouth watering and admirable and if you truly love this mixture of coffee and art than what better entry is this? The real term for this style is known as Latte Art, because regular traditional coffee is not what is being used neither is the creamer or milk. However people use different materials to get different effects, 7-8 grams of beans is said to give the best effects in latte art pictures. There’s not going to be much critic on this blog, this is just on of those “Its what you create, and appreciate,” type of entries so enjoy the lovely art.

This piece is so cute I love the exaggeration on the head of the baby bear, in fact looking at it reminds me of “chibis” which means small person or child. Chibis are another form of art where the head is bigger than that of the body, and this bear looks to be a chibi bear or a small bear.


Surfing on a wave of coffee, its never been done before…until now! My comment on thi one has to be “Totally Innovative”, its definitly different form all other latte arts not too detailed but just enough to give off a cartoon surfer vibe.


Who would’ve thought that realism could be portrayed in a delicious coffee beverage, well here’s an outstanding realistic piece. And when the coffee moves in a circular pattern around the rim the face is sure to come to life.


Action on the high coffee is what I see in this latte art, its like a piece of a comic book panel in a cup. If you read any of my other blogs you can tell I’m a nerd and so this latte art greatly appeals to me. I especially love the white space behind the boat it truly brings out the picture.


Classic Disney characters look the best in latte art to me, because it brings out the old traditional style of the Disney characters. Donald ducks out line definitely brings out his character.


What way to end this entry than with an Easter bunny latte and its 3 dimensional too! Its little face coming out of the drink itself is like a rabbit coming out of the ground. Its fluffy paws look like cotton candy floating in a delicious vanilla beverage form a far.


I hope you enjoyed all the delicious looking masterpieces!



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