Paper Art


Paper Art Horses

As this assignment, and school semseter comes to a close I will like to say its been extremly fun doing each and everyone of these blog post, and I belive I’ve actually gotten something out of all of this and I know it will benifit me sooner or later in life. So for my last entry I chose a topic that reflected alot of my past creations in my last year of highschool that topic is “Paper Art,” or “Paper Sculpting.” In order for a piece of art to be considered Paper Art it must incorporate paper in some way, this means that the majority of the piece must be made of paper. In my opinion Paper Art is a unique style that take alot of heart to complete and when completed it displays unnatural or subtle emotions within the pale spaces. Having the chance to experience the wonders of creating many designs, has allowed me to have a better understanding in the various techniques people use to created such inovative creations. The best part in Paper Art is that the possibiliteis in unlimmited,there are no rules to abide by whether your art is a story or if it means something it doesn’t matter, and guessing the maening of each piece is most definitly worth while.

Skelington Man

Paper Art originated over a thousand years ago, and can be traced back to Japans earliest days. Therefore, the new paper art created is nothing more than the future outcome of Origami Art. Peter Callesen has created many memorable pieces of Paper art, most of them being three dimensional figures. Even so, there are a few pieces that are two dimensional and are just as thrilling as the three dimensional creations. One of them consists of a skellington that is 3 dimensional at the top and as you travel down the paper the rest of him is drawn and it appears to have flesh. It is lifting itself off a piece of paper with a shadow of a person who doesnt appear to be a skellington, this could imply that this skellington is the inside of the shadow man. Although there is an artist true interpretation of this piece the way I view this sculpture is that, “Its the inside that counts.”

Heads Fruit

Another piece by the same artist Is one of his two dimensional works, as said before its just as amazing as the 3D ones. In this one he uses different sizes of paper to make up the human head and the inside of the human mind. Each intracate piece is designed to represent parts of the inside of an individuals head, and it also includes its own additional pieces. When you closely look at the image it seems like the mind that Callesen had created is no more than a little town with little factory buildings a connected by streets and purposes. There also seems to be little parks and blocked off areas, Callesen shows that the human mind is capable of remembering our surrounding as if it were a map.

Paper Art Perspective Hallway

Simon Schuberts version of Paper Art is very different compared to the previous artist, infact when I first stumbled upon this I didn’t think much of it. However, as I looked into it more I realized this style was just as interesting as Peter Callesens half paper half sculpture art.

Paper Art Perspective Staircase

This style is more focused on skethching, creating ripples, and creases in the paper to form a design, for this artist interior design is the main subject. At first his art isn’t as exciting to look at in fact it looks just like 2D artwork but if you stare at it long enough and think about all the time and effort put into it you begin to consider it a worthy piece.

Paper Art Perspective Birds Eye View

Each one of his designs is accomplished by taking each image and putting it in a certain view, like birds eye view or ants eye view. This makes the images not too boring since its still flat and a little hard to see.

Paper Art Altered Books

Having paper and the abilitiy to cut and mold is only one way to manipulate the paper into something great. The last form of Paper Art I will introduce is none other than “Altered Books,” which is the second to last assignment I was given in my senior year in highschool. This form of Art is by all means the most innovative way of telling a story, all you have to do its cut, draw and shift words or pieces of paper around till you reach your desired image.

Paper Art Alterd Books Final

The Artist of these altered books is Brian Dettmer and he does a beautiful job with all of his altered books. I picked these two altered designs to show because they were the most interesting out of all the ones I’ve seen him create. They’re quite unique and well crated, with a lot of time put into both of them.

Well thats it, I hope you’ve enjoyed each and everyone of my art post, these few artist i’ve chosen to talk about are only a few of many talented artist out there. In fact these people are less than a handful, and even though Some of these people are not extremly famous as; Masashi Kishimoto, and Tetsuya Nomura its always good to remember what truly makes an artist. “An artist is and individual who endures trial and tribulations along the path of life, one who draws for his or her own pleasure and makes their talent unique. He or she does not let the words of the world change his or her ways as a creator, but instead continues telling their story, and sharing their world through the eyes of an individual.”

don do art for free
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