Hello to everyone out there, my name is Nefer Hall, and its a pleasure to be a part of the Word press Community. My main reason for creating an account on this site is for my college English class. Therefore as you can already guess, my writing skills are up to par, but still a work in progress to be exactly college level. So expect mistakes from time to time in the blogs I post, still feel free to critic me so I will get better within every post. As I am still developing in my writing skills it’d be nice to get a few tips on how to improve my skills in any way. Being new to this form of writing online, I hope to present my best opinions on different topics, and connect with the artist out there who share a common interest.

On this blog I plan to mainly talk about the subject art, and my opinion on other artists work. Therefore I will be presenting different artist out there, from 2D animation to traditional works and talking about each piece. There’s no main type of art style that I will stick to, because that wouldn’t be considering all forms of art. The types of art you can expect to see are again; traditional, or digital (2D animation), American comics, or Manga, even photographs anything that gives off an artistic vibe, so I’m even considering certain videogames a part of the subject. As I go on this blogging journey I hope that this will appeal to all you out there, and find some ways to connect with art. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I’m sure this will be a very interesting and exciting blog.


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