This is the main page, where I will state the important stuff about the blogs that will be posted in the future, these are like guidelines for this page mostly. So In all of my blogs I will be writing about the artwork of others, With each post a picture will accompany it so no one gets lost in the subject being discussed. The main and first thing I will state on this page about my blogs is that as a fellow artist I know certain that can be said and things that shouldn’t be said on these post. Therefore, I won’t be going to extreme when commenting on these each topic. Within these post I will refer to other facts, by reviewers so expect to see other views beside my own that have the same idea as mine. My goal in all of this is not to push my ideas on anyone or turn a wonderful subject into something boring, its just nice to have a place where comments toward what the world produces is seen.

The first thing I have to say about others works is that their work should be appreciated whether fully loved or not so much loved. Its something that someone else didn’t create, and a unique addition to the art world, therefore it should be respected in every way even if you feel it doesn’t deserve it. I want to keep in mind that my voice and opinion is just one out of millions, meaning that what I say isn’t how others think or feel. Feel free to agree or disagree with each comment I make I don’t expect everyone to agree with me or vice versa. However, It’ll be nice to see where all of this goes in the future, I want to have fun within each and every post, and not to stir up trouble with anyone.


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